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Apples & Acorns

For several months now my CSA box has included one or more squash varieties. I'm about 10 Saturdays in receiving and cooking over two dozen squashes. I've mashed them, thrown them on pizza, grilled them, tossed them in salads and baked them with chili. I had so many orange, green and yellow gourds around that I didn't even buy a pumpkin this year. That true, it is sort of odd that this is only my second batch of squash soup this winter.

Today, the sun is shining, it's chilly and the desert winds are howling. It's Friday, in my kind of work (a longer work day), on top of it all just last weekend we rescued a HUGE 5 month old puppy. With less lux-like kitchen time today my tool of choice is the crockpot.

This California winter the pink lady apples taste better than ever before and the Mojave desert wild flower honey is what every local is talking about. I have a large vat of it, and drizzle it on everything. If you can, hunt down the best local honey you can get your hands on and apple taste my friends before you select yours for your soup it's worth it.

This Apples & Acorn soup is both just a like savory and a little sweet. The umami, cider vinegar, and parsnip give the soup grounding depth. The squash and potato are your anchor. The fruit, honey, carrot and coconut oil lend to sweetness. The cinnamon, star of anise and red pepper flakes offer a warming flavor.

If you give this recipe a go, let me know what you think.

My questions for you; Do you often use cider vinegar in soup?

How many squash have you eaten this winter? Any recipes you recommend I try?

I have a good feeling this trend will continue and I'll find more squash in my CSA box tomorrow.

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